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Almost there!

Testing out fillings for the beef meat pie...

Testing out fillings for the beef meat pie...

We’ve been working hard to get this thing off the ground… lots of work on permits and licensing, recipes, suppliers, etc.  What a workout!  Why does the City have to make it so hard for small businesses to get started??  Buuuut we’re moving along and almost there!

AND we have a kitchen!  We’ll be prepping out of an awesome kitchen in Emeryville, sharing space with Mediterraneo caterers:

The truck is almost ready and when it is we’ll definitely be posting some pictures.  We’re trying to decide on a color right now.  This weekend we did some recipe refining and decided on a final recipe for THE meat pie.  It is delicious!  It’s going to be one of the standard pies we’ll be offering all the time in addition to the rotating weekly specials.

I don’t want to blab too much so I’ll just leave you with a sneak peek into our testing process… very scientific.  After coming to a decision on technique, we separated out batches of filling and tested different combinations of ingredients.  After all testing was done we finally settled on filling B2.  It has the perfect balance of flavor and saltiness and we think you’ll enjoy it.  I’m not going to give away the secret to what’s in it just yet but at some point we may post some recipes.

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for Eat Real!  It’ll be here soon…


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"OH.EMM.GEE! After trying their pies at Eat Real, I feel like I might become a stalker of their truck or at least their twitter account. Their pies are delicious."

"This tea was DEEEELICIOUS! And the people who were running the truck were SO friendly and SO nice. I definitely need to track them down again."

"Most amazing thing ever! I would never have thought that I would like a steak pie, but the crust is flakey, the inside is steaky and gruyery and the combination is the BEST!"


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